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Why don't you have the book I'm looking for?

Our goal is to increase access to education for as many students as possible, so we’ve created textbooks for the highest enrolled, introductory higher education courses.  The two main factors we consider when deciding which books to publish are

  1. How many students are taking the course nationwide?

  2. How expensive are the existing textbooks for that course?

Expansion into other courses depends on whether those books provide an opportunity to significantly drive down student costs. Certain textbooks, such as art and English, present copyright restrictions that make it difficult to publish with an open license and will likely not be part of the OpenStax library. 

All of our titles available are located on our OpenStax Subjects page at

If you’re looking for a textbook that isn’t offered on, visit OpenStax CNX, our open educational resource website. OpenStax CNX contains educational content submitted by thousands educators from a multitude of disciplines.



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