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What's on my student dashboard?

When you (a student) select your OpenStax Tutor Beta course from the 'Current Courses' page, you’ll arrive at your dashboard. 


1. You can view this week’s work, as well as any upcoming assignments.

The main table is organized by:

• Assignment name
• Due date
• Status for assignments
- Not started
- For reading: In progress (assignment started but not completed)
- For homework: ‘x’ / 7 completed (shows the no. of steps completed)
- Completed
• Scores (points earned on an assignment)
- You will see ‘---’ when scores aren’t available yet


When applicable, you will see icons next to your assignment status:

The yellow exclamation icon next to the assignment status indicates that an assignment is due soon
The red clock next to the assignment status indicates that you have not completed an assignment that is past the due date

The grey star next to the assignment score indicates your provisional score: you will see this until the teacher has graded all the responses for that assignment and published the scores

The green E next to an assignment due date indicates that your teacher has granted you an extension for that assignment

2. Clicking the All past work tab will take you to assignments from the past weeks.


3. To the right, you will see your Performance Forecast, which shows recent topics you can practice.

4. In the Help dropdown menu:
  • Help Articles will direct you to OpenStax Support where you can find information on questions you may have about OpenStax Tutor Beta
  • The Getting Started Guide is a downloadable PDF document that provides information for getting familiar with OpenStax Tutor Beta and its features
  • The Accessibility Statement outlines accessibility goals and keyboard navigation information
  • If you need any more help, you can Chat with Support

5. Using the Menu dropdown, you can navigate to several different pages:

  1. My Courses
  2. Dashboard
  3. Browse the Book
  4. Scores
  5. Performance Forecast
  6. Change Student ID





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