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What Kind of Quality Control Is in Place?

We do not pre-screen the contents of pages. Authors are responsible for the information in their pages. We encourage collaboration and feedback, and provide the author(s)' email addresses for readers to give feedback when they suspect information is not correct. Readers with accounts may also derive a copy of existing content, make changes or additions to it, and republish it as a new page under their own name.

For quality control, we offer a system of post-publication peer review called lenses. Lenses enable both organizations and individuals to give their stamps of approval to content in the repository, allowing for user-driven quality control of books and pages. Through these lenses, users can provide their own tags and comments for items in the repository. Lenses can also be used as "bookmarks" within the repository to keep track of related or otherwise interesting content. A list of all publicly-viewable lenses can be found under the Lenses tab at the top of the homepage.


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