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Supplemental material types for OpenStax textbooks

We aim to provide as many high quality ancillaries as possible and offer four types of supplemental materials: 

  • OpenStax Instructor Resources
  • OpenStax Student Resources
  • Partner Resources
  • OER Commons Hub
This article explains the differences between these materials and where to find them on for your book. 

OpenStax Instructor Resources:

OpenStax creates and manages a specific set of free instructor resources for each OpenStax title. These resources were developed with text-specific grant funding at the time of publication, so offerings can vary book-to-book. To see which resources have been created for your book, follow these steps: 

1. Go to

2. Click on the cover of your book

3. Click on the "Instructor Resources" tab

User-added image

4. On the Instructor resources page, all the materials created for your book are listed. 

To view and download these materials, instructors will need to create a free instructor account on Our team verifies instructor status before providing access to protect the integrity of the materials used in graded assessments. You can learn how to create an instructor account and request access in this help article:

Once you have been verified, log in to to access the instructor resources for any OpenStax book.

OpenStax Student Resources:

Each OpenStax book also comes with a set of free Student Resources, located by following steps 1-2 above and then selecting the "Student Resources" tab. These materials can be used by anyone, at any time! Here is an example of materials from OpenStax Biology 2e:

User-added image 

 If student solutions are not provided inside the OpenStax textbook, the Student Solution guide will be found here. Please note that some books will require students to create a free student account on to unlock their book's Student Solution Manual. 

Partner Resources:

In addition to the materials we have created ourselves, OpenStax has partnered with a variety of organizations called OpenStax Allies to provide low-cost, digital educational tools that are integrated with our books. Partner products range from LMS-compatible homework options to classroom management tools.

You’ll find all the options for your book on our "OpenStax Partners" page here:

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While our technology partners have based their product around OpenStax content, the resource itself is handled within the partner organization. For more information about a partner's service, pricing, or set-up, click on product you're interested in and select the "Request Info" button. The "Read more" link will also take you to the partner's website where you can reach out to their team. 

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OER Commons Hub

Lastly, OpenStax also partners with OER Commons to provide a space for instructors to discuss and share resources in support of OpenStax books, free of charge. Each book has it's own OER Commons Hub linked on its Instructor Resources page. 

To access OER Commons materials, click on the blue "Visit the Hub" link.

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If you would like to contribute ancillaries on OER Commons, more information about sharing and licensing on this platform can be found here: All the materials on OER Commons are user-contributed, and OpenStax does not manage the content. If you have any questions about a resource or are looking for something specific, you can always reach out to other members in your book's Hub!


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