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Enrolling in your OpenStax Tutor Beta course as a student

To enroll in your Tutor course, follow these steps:

1. Find your enrollment link

Click on the enrollment link provided by your instructor.

  • For most courses, this link will be given to you by your instructor directly (i.e. in an email, course syllabus, course website, etc.). If you cannot find the link, reach out to your instructor. They can access this link inside their instructor account.
  • However, if your instructor has enabled logging in via your school’s LMS (for example Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, or Desire2Learn), this link will be inside your personal LMS account. Follow the OpenStax Tutor Beta assignment link inside the course.

2. Click "Get Started"

On the introduction screen, read the provided instructions and click the orange “Get started” button.

Get Started page for students

3. Log into your OpenStax Student account

For this step, read Option A if you have already created a student account on . Only complete Option B if you have not set up an account on before.


If you have previously created an OpenStax account on, DO NOT create a new account. Click the “Login” tab and enter your existing username and password and then skip to step 4.
User-added image



If you do not have an existing account, follow steps a-c below.

a. Enter your name, school email address, and password on the "Sign Up" page

User-added image

b. Check the inbox for the email you entered on the form. You will receive an email from with a six-digit pin. Enter this pin number and click "Confirm my account."

User-added image

If you do not receive the pin, check your junk mailbox and/or check to see if you mis-typed your email address. You can click on “Edit your email” to review and change it.

c. Click "Finish" to continue enrollment.

User-added image

4. Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Read the OpenStax Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click "I agree" to indicate you have done so.

  OpenStax Tutor Beta Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

5. Enter your School ID

On the next screen, submit your school-issued student ID number. Your instructor will use this ID to assign you course credit. 

Student id entry page

6.  Pay for Tutor or Start your 14-Day Trial

You can pay for your OpenStax Tutor Beta course now by clicking the orange "Buy access now" button, or you can start out with a free trial by clicking the gray "Try free for 14 days" button. 

If you choose "Buy access now," you will be prompted to enter credit card information to complete the purchase. If you choose the 14-day trial, you will be brought directly to OpenStax Tutor Beta.

User-added image

For detailed instructions on how to submit payment or pay later in Tutor Beta, visit this help article:

7. You're Enrolled!

Congratulations! Once you see this screen, you have enrolled in your OpenStax Tutor Beta course.

Welcome OpenStax Tutor Beta page


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