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Rover by OpenStax Question Types

StepWise questions allow students to solve problems with various solution paths. As a student works through each problem, Rover analyzes each step for correctness and logic. The system awards credit for mathematically valid paths, and offers hints and feedback if the students need guidance. Instructors can determine how much credit is awarded for correct paths, partially correct paths, and correct answers. 

Standard Questions

A standard question is an exercise that does not include analysis or hints at each step. Standard questions may have multiple parts, but they are each graded for correctness in order to produce a final score for that question. Although your assignments will vary based on your instructors’ course design, you should expect to see more standard questions than StepWise questions. 

Randomized Numbers 

Standard questions may contain randomized quantities in order to give each student unique experiences. If these are present, the system will score the problem according to the values present in the individual student instance. The question and the concept being addressed are the same no matter what values are included. 

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Graphing Questions 

Graphing questions are those that measure student understanding of graphing calculations and representations. In Rover, these are formatted as multiple choice questions that ask students to choose the graph that best represents the question. Graphing Questions contain links to an online graphing calculator named GeoGebra. Geogebra will allow you to enter the equation and perform the necessary steps to generate the graph. Students can compare the graph you produced with the multiple choice options in the question, and choose the best answer. 

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Multiple Choice 

All multiple choice questions have 4 answer choices to choose from. Some questions are mark all that apply, which are indicated by the square checkbox next to the answer. Hovering over an answer choice should change the outline of the choice to blue. To select an answer, simply click on it. For mark all that apply questions, multiple answers can be selected, but answers cannot be submitted until at least one choice is selected. For mark all that apply questions, click the checkbox again to deselect the answers. 


Some questions may contain multiple parts. These can be free-response, multiple choice, or select all that apply. You will not be allowed to submit your answer until all parts have been filled out. In order to receive full credit for this question, all parts must be answered correctly. Partial credit will be awarded for each question component answered correctly. 

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