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Reporting typos/errata found in OpenStax texts for instructors

To suggest a correction to an OpenStax book:

1. Log in to your OpenStax account. 

2. Hover over the Subjects tab and select your discipline (

Subjects Drop Down.PNG

3. Click on the cover of the book you use, and it will take you to the book's details page.

Click on Prealgebra2e.png

3. On the book's Details page, scroll down to Errata and click on the Suggest a Correction button. 

Suggest a correction button.png

4. Complete the form and click on the Submit button. If you'd like to add a screenshot or any other file that explains the error to your submission, click on the Add file button.

Errata Submit.png

With our improved errata tool, we keep you updated by emailing you each step of the way after you submit an errata suggestion. To maintain our editorial and peer-review standards, we send errata reports to qualified subject matter experts for review. Once the experts weigh in, we implement any changes in the online version of the book as soon as possible. For most books, we post errata-updated PDFs and iBooks over the summer (when substantial changes are present).

For more information on the errata submission process, view our blog post on The New and Improved OpenStax Errata Tool.


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