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Purchasing an OpenStax textbook on Amazon

To find the official OpenStax offering of your book on Amazon, follow these steps:

1. From, hover over the "Subjects" menu and click on your discipline.

User-added image

2.  Click on the book cover you would like to order from Amazon.

User-added image

3.  Click “Order a print copy" under the Get the book heading.

Order Print Copy Iink on Prealgebra details page

4.  Click the orange “Order on Amazon" button under the Individual heading.

OpenStax Prealgebra Details Page Individual orders and price

5. You will now be on the Amazon page that hosts all our official print copies! Scroll through the page to find your book cover.

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Note that you may need to click "Next" at the bottom of the page to see all our titles and find your book.

User-added image

If you do not see your book on any of our pages, it may be temporarily out of stock.  

6. Once you find your book's cover, click on it to begin placing your order. The official OpenStax textbook will be hardcover, eligible for free shipping, and list OpenStax under Seller Information.

For example:
User-added image

Please note that as our books are published under Creative Commons licenses, anyone can use, adapt, and distribute our content. Occasionally, organizations unrelated to OpenStax attempt to sell unofficial versions of the texts through Amazon.  Often these third-party versions vary widely from the official OpenStax version.

All of our print textbook transactions, including ordering, distribution, refunds, and returns for individual orders, are handled through  If the seller of the textbook was not OpenStax, refunds will need to be processed through the seller from whom you purchased the book. Visit for more information about their refund and return policy.


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