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OpenStax Study Guides

We know that even strong readers can benefit from extra study materials, so we developed free OpenStax study guides to help you focus your reading. These study guides, created by instructors and subject matter experts, pinpoint key passages, tables, figures, key terms, and summaries from the text.

Free study guides are now available on our website for five titles: Principles of Economics 2e, American Government 2e, Introduction to Business, Principles of Management, and Psychology 2e

Best of all, OpenStax study guides are 100% free. Wish it was available for another book? Let us know!


How to find study guides

Open the online version of one of the five titles listed above. Click the Study Guides icon in the toolbar. 

To view study guides for all chapters, make sure you are logged in, then click the Chapter dropdown. From there you can access study guides for each chapter.


How should I use this study guide? Are study guides a replacement for reading?

Nothing can replace active reading. But integrating study guides into your learning can help you make your reading time more focused and meaningful. 

There is more than one way to study, but here’s one possible approach:

  • First, read the book on your own. Stop frequently to:
    • Summarize ideas in your own words
    • Add notes with questions you have
    • Add notes with examples or counter-examples of important concepts
  • There are lots of strategies to use, but the important thing is to keep yourself focused on the text instead of letting your mind wander.
  • After reading, use the study guide to do another round of review of key concepts and topics. Stop frequently to quiz yourself on what you read to see how much you remember and can explain correctly. This will help you recall it better in the future.
  • Continue this process throughout the semester.


Can I print these study guides?

Yes! We know some students prefer to read offline. We recommend printing study guides one chapter at a time.


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