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Do you offer any instructor training or first day of class support?
Our Instructor Getting Started Guide walks instructors through the process of adopting and using OpenStax textbooks. The best thing about open textbooks is that students show up with everything they need on the first day of class. Since our textbooks follow the same scope and sequence requirements as a traditional textbook, little to no additional training is required.

We do offer further support to institutions that have been accepted to our Institutional Partnership Program.  Our Institutional Partnership Network is made up of schools that have demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting the use of OpenStax and other open resources to help students succeed.

Additionally, OpenStax offers free webinars featuring OpenStax staff, partners, and instructors who have used our textbooks to give you advice and support for using open educational resources (OER), OpenStax books, and the additional resources that are available with OpenStax content. You may find them a useful tool to help get started. For a complete list of webinars, simply click on the following link:


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