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Support home > Can I set a Late work policy in my OpenStax Tutor Beta course?
Can I set a Late work policy in my OpenStax Tutor Beta course?

OpenStax Tutor Beta allows you to set a Late work policy for your course. You can set a global Late work policy for different assignment types using the Grading templates.


When creating a grading template, you can select if you wish to accept late work or not. If you decide to accept late work, you will see two options for late work penalties:


Deduct X% for each late day

Deductions increase by X% for each late day

Deduct X% for a late assignment

Deducts a fixed % from total late work score

Late work policy options in the grading template


By default, the late work penalty is set to deduct 10% for each late day in homework grading templates and 10% for a late assignment in the reading grading templates.

You can see the points deducted for late work in the Assignment scores tab.


NOTE: Because late penalty deductions are based on an assignment’s due date, changing the due date or granting an extension would automatically change the penalty points in the assignment scores.


How does OpenStax Tutor Beta calculate the late penalty deductions?


OpenStax Tutor Beta uses a late penalty method, where the late penalty is applied only to the points earned after the due date. No penalty is applied if no more questions are answered after the due date. 



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