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Adding Homework assignments in OpenStax Tutor Beta
To add a new homework assignment to your (instructor’s) calendar:

1. Click on the orange Add Assignment button in the upper left corner.

2. Click Add Homework under the ‘NEW’ heading located to the left of your calendar. (You can also drag the ‘Add Reading’ bar onto the desired due date on your calendar.)

3. In the ‘Add homework’ page that opens, enter a name in the ‘Assignment name’ field.

4. Add a description and/or instructions for the assignment.

5. Select the grading template for your assignment from the dropdown. The default grading template is ‘OpenStax Homework’.

Note: Click on Preview to view the settings for the selected template.

6. To assign the reading to all of your course sections, select All sections.

Or, assign it to specific sections by clicking Select sections. (You can set different dates & times for different sections.)

7. Set the Open date and time that you would like students to begin working on the assignment.

Note: If you create an assignment by clicking on a calendar date or dragging from the sidebar to a calendar date, that will become your due date. Your open and close dates will automatically update based on the default date intervals and time set in the grading template. However, you can set different dates and time by clicking in the box for each.


If you create an assignment by clicking on the sidebar, then the Due and Close date intervals will automatically be selected based on the defaults set in the grading template.

8. Click Save & Continue to open ‘STEP 2’.

9. Select the chapters and/or sections you wish to assign by checking the boxes to the left of their name. (To view the book material for the chapters you select, click the ‘Browse the chapter’ link. The book will open in a new browser tab.)

10. Click Save & Continue to open ‘STEP 3’.

11. To select questions, Hover over the question you would like to assign, and click the blue Add Question box.

12. Click on the gray Question Details box to see more information on the question and preview the feedback your students will receive.

13. Select the number of OpenStax Tutor selected questions you wish to include. 

Note: These are questions selected by OpenStax Tutor's machine learning algorithms, using knowledge about each student's performance. Questions are drawn from the Question Library, accessible from your dashboard.

14. After adding the questions you would like to assign, click Save & Continue to open ‘STEP 4’.

15. Set the points and review the selected questions (By default, MCQs are assigned 1.0 point each and WRQs are assigned 2.0 points each)

NOTE: Point values support up to one decimal place. Entering more than one decimal places will round the point value to the nearest tenth.

16. To make any changes, click Back. If satisfied, select either Save Draft or Publish.

To add a COPIED reading assignment from a cloned course:


Once you have copied a previous course, follow these steps to add COPIED assignments to your calendar.



Can I edit a homework assignment after it is published?


Instructors can edit the assignment details for a homework assignment at any time but cannot edit the questions included in the assignment after the open date. Learn more about editing a homework assignment.


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