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Adding Events to your calendar in OpenStax Tutor Beta


1.    To add a new event to your (instructor’s) calendar, click on the orange Add Assignment button in the upper left corner:



2.    Click Add Event under the ‘NEW’ heading located to the left of your calendar. (You can also drag the ‘Add Event’ bar onto the desired due date on your calendar.)



3.    In the ‘Add event’ page that opens, enter a name in the ‘Event name’ field.



4.    Add any description or special instructions.



5.    To assign the event to all the sections, select All sections. 



Or assign it to specific sections by clicking Select sections. (You can set different dates & times for different sections.)



6.    Set the open and due dates and times for the event.



7.    Save as a draft or publish the event. 



NOTE: If you choose to publish, students will see the Event appear in their upcoming work, but they will not be able to begin it until the open date.



To add a COPIED event from a cloned course:

Once you have copied a previous course, follow these steps to add COPIED assignments to your calendar.



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